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How To Prevent Getting The Flu This Winter

How To Prevent Getting The Flu This Winter
Getting sick isn’t in the slightest bit, well, “sick.” From the loss of appetite to the inability to be an independent person without moaning about every time you have to move (which honestly is something we do when we’re healthy most of the time anyway), being sick sucks. But, there’s only so much you can do, right? Kind of. Here are a few ways to help boost and maintain your immune system to protect you from getting sick.

“Take Some Vitamin C” - Everyone You’ve Ever Spoken To

First, and probably the most common piece of advice, make sure you’re eating a diet that is rich in vitamin C. The immune system boosting vitamin isn’t just for when you think you might get sick, it’s generally a good idea to always have a healthy amount of it. The cells that help fight infections and common illnesses–such as phagocytes and t-cells–need vitamin C to function properly. A deficiency can lead to the inability to fight the very pathogens that’ll keep you stuck in bed for days.

Lucky for you, Super Maqui Plus™ with Delphinol® is packed with it. Team it up with an orange and your immune system will thank you very much!

Take Care of Those Free Radicals

And by “take care” we mean neutralize *insert explosion*. The best way to do this is by introducing a consistently effective source of antioxidants *cough* like Super Maqui Plus™ *cough*. Free radicals finder cell performance, essentially weakening them to the point where they serve very little purpose. Super Maqui™ products can remedy this better than any other antioxidant on the market, allowing you to be worry free!


Protein isn’t just something that dude-bros at the gym talk about, it’s actually incredibly important for all of us. It’s present in all of our cells and is responsible for generating, restoring, and maintaining our muscles, tissues, and by extension our immune system too! Keeping our cells well fed and enabling them to be stronger and healthier will have you feeling the same. Plus, foods that are high in protein normally contain other beneficial nutrients as well! Including these in your diet all year should be a top priority if you’re at all concerned about the effectiveness of your immune system.

Of course, you should also be drinking tons of water (okay maybe not tons, but definitely cups), washing your hands regularly, exercising, and getting lots of rest. We want you to be your healthiest self!


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