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What The Heck Is Delphinol®?

What The Heck Is Delphinol®?

Super Maqui Plus™ wouldn’t be possible without the potent, premium maqui berry extract Delphinol®. Offering the highest concentration of organically sourced antioxidants currently available on the market, there is nothing quite like the purple extract.

What is Delphinol®?

Delphinol® is a world-class, standardized extract that is made from wild, handpicked Chilean maqui berries using a patented process in Anklam, Germany. Wild maqui berries, specifically from the Chilean region between the Andes Mountains and the Humboldt Current, contain 30-40% more health bearing molecules than their conventionally grown counterparts. These health bearing molecules include delphinidins, natural and incredibly beneficial antioxidant and plant pigment responsible for the maqui berry and Delphinol®’s rich, purple hue. This is why eating your purples is just as important as eating your greens.

Is it Safe?

Heck yes! Delphinol® is generally regarded as safe (GRAS). So if you think you forgot to take a capsule and took another one for good measure, it’s not a big deal. Of course, with a product like this if you are pregnant or on blood thinners you should speak to a physician before purchasing the product.

Why Not Any Other Extract?

Well, there’s a lot of things about Delphinol® that makes it the extract of choice for us. First of all, it’s made using the berry with the highest antioxidant value: the wild maqui berry. These berries are frozen in -25℃ cylinders moments after being picked to retain their polyphenol content. Common freeze-dried maqui berry extracts oxidize before they are processed, resulting in diminishing nutrient value and loss of active enzymes. This means that even against other maqui berry supplements which boast higher antioxidant values than acai and goji, Delphinol® is the leader of the pack.

Not only is it powerful, it’s made with consistency as it is produced in coherence with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is extracted using a patented process. From source materials to the extraction process itself, the extract is made to capitalize on the power of the berry, which is why it’s so Super.

Another reason we chose Delphinol® over any other maqui berry extract is due to the research behind it. With various studies showing the effectiveness of the extract, it would be wrong not to source the best. The extract is highly bioavailable, allowing for the body to easily absorb and process all of the valuable delphinidins that the extract offers. Its high efficiency is the reason you’ll only need 200mg per day to reap all of its benefits.

There’s a lot of power packed into our tiny purple capsules thanks to the clinically proven wonders of Delphinol®. Everything about the extract–from the berries to the process that makes the powder–has been carefully thought out in order to create the most potent and highly effective antioxidant available today.

Berry best,

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