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Step Aside Acai, There’s A New Berry In Town

Step Aside Acai, There’s A New Berry In Town

When on a mission to neutralize free radicals, most of you will probably reach for your favourite acai, goji, or even curcumin supplement, but what about the Super Maqui™ berry? The newest contender in the natural antioxidant race has also been proven to be the strongest and most effective. It has an antioxidant capacity seven times that of the acai berry and nine times that of the goji berry.

Introducing The Super Maqui™ Berry

The Super Maqui™ berry is wild, organic, and some may even argue that it’s the healthiest berry you can consume. The delicious, dry tasting berry is native to the South of Chile where it grows in the wild between the Andes Mountains and the Humboldt Current and harvested between March and November each year. The area’s rich soil and unique climate created a resilient purple berry-like no other. See, the maqui berries found here contain unique phytochemical profiles that result in them having 30-40% more health bearing molecules than those that are conventionally grown.

From anti-aging to metabolic balance, the berry's health benefits are unmatched.

The berries contain powerful antioxidants, more specifically, they have the highest concentration of delphinidins than any other berry. Delphinidins are a unique antioxidant component that is both effective at neutralizing free radicals, but also give plants and fruits their purple hue. Who would have thought that the more purple something is the better it is? (Prince. Prince thought that.)

Its benefits are unmatched. By being an effective contender against free radicals, it also works as an anti-inflammatory. This is what allows the berry to help fight visible signs of aging and prevent harmful UVB radiation from damaging it even more. Additionally, the powerful extract derived solely from Super Maqui™ berries, Delphinol®, has been clinically proven to boost insulin levels and stabilize one’s sugar metabolism.

There aren’t many berries out there with the potential that the Super Maqui™ berry has, let alone an extract that can retain all of their health bearing properties. This is what makes Super Maqui Plus™ with Delphinol® the most powerful antioxidant on the market and compels us to ask… Are you getting enough purple in your diet?

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