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How To Stay Healthy On-The-Go by Dr. Nadia Musavvir, ND

How To Stay Healthy On-The-Go by Dr. Nadia Musavvir, ND

It’s basically summertime and for a lot of people that usually means well-deserved travel and fun. Oftentimes, however, with that travel and fun, it makes it a bit harder to maintain usual health and wellness habits. I recently came back from a 10 day trip to Europe (and currently moving!) so I’ve had to get creative with figuring out ways to maintain my wellbeing when my usual resources or routine aren’t an option.

Before I get into the tips of what I did to [try to] stay healthy while traveling, I think it's worth noting that much of these tips stem from minimizing stress to the body. And stress can be ANYTHING your body perceives as stressful; so that can include poor sleep from jetlag, poor quality or inflammatory foods, chemicals in the environment (i.e. cigarette smoke) it doesn’t just have to be a mental feeling of “I'm stressed.” Travel/moving/being out of your element is a stress to the body and finding ways to minimize that is key to staying in balance.

I put together a list of a few tips that I used to make traveling an overall healthier experience.


  1. Keep healthy snacks on hand. While airports and airplanes are getting better about including healthier options, they’re still not widespread (and often not good + expensive!). Since being stressed uses up nutrients, having nutrient-filled foods will help your body deal with stress better. Conversely, eating poorly will create more inflammation, and therefore stress, on the body. If you’re going on a road trip, then all the more reason to make sure you well-equipped to avoid making any regrettable fast-food stops. I put together a list of a few tips that I used to make traveling an overall healthier experience.
    1. Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bar
    2. Seaweed
    3. Nuts/Seeds
    4. Sakara Granola
    5. Epic Jerky

  2. Bring a jump rope and resistance bands. It’s like having a portable gym and especially useful if you don’t have access to a gym. Getting your blood flowing and breaking a sweat regularly is key in helping your body deal with the effects of stress. It's easy to find quality jump ropes and resistance bands for cheap on Amazon - it's where I got mine!
  3. Be strategic with your supplementation. If you don’t have a condition that requires you to bring all your supplements/medications, I recommend including at least these 3: a travel-friendly probiotic, electrolytes and antioxidants. Probiotics like to help maintain a healthy digestive tract which will keep your immune system healthy. Although we're used to keeping our probiotics in the fridge, there are a handful of shelf-stable, travel-friendly supplements that are equally effective. I use HMF Travel by Seroyal. Electrolytes to help you stay hydrated. While I travel, I pack a few packets of Ultima Replenisher in my carry-on to add to a bottle of water whenever I need it. Antioxidants, like Super Maqui Plus™, to help you deal with the effects of stress because stress causes damage to cells known as “oxidative stress;” so antioxidants are basically anti-oxidative stress!


    Dr. Nadia Musavvir, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor working closely with patients to address the root of their concerns. She believes in supporting inner and outer healing, combining Eastern and Western philosophies to optimize health and wellbeing. She commonly works with patients to address digestive concerns, PMS, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, weight fluctuations and skin concerns. Follow her on IG: @_drnadia_

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